About Us

In the true spirit of collaboration, our staff consists of Core Collaborators and On-call collaborators. This allows us to match our staff to your project needs.

Core Collaborators

Carol Kachadoorian

Founder and Mobility Practioner

Carol has a breadth of knowledge and expertise in transportation planning and operations, which began in Alexandria, VA, where she served as a transit analyst before leading the City’s first Office of Transit Services. After several years working with a family design-build company and at a major university, Carol returned to the transportation industry with the Washington, DC region’s transit agency. There, she worked in operations and communications before focusing on pedestrian and bicyclists access to transit. After joining Toole Design in 2008, Carol worked on school- and community-based active transportation plans and started her work on older adult mobility. She describes the motivation for this work this way: “At age 60, I began to consider what my professional and personal life would look like during the next 30+ years. Now in my late 60's, I am working to improve mobility for people as they age.”

Mara Wolff

Data and Communication Technician

With a background in technical theatre and customer service, Mara provides data analysis, administrative and design support for dblTilde Collaborative.

Ossana Wolff

Program and GIS Associate

Ossana holds degrees in Natural Resources and Urban Forestry and is a certified arborist. Her work at state and regional parks in Kentucky and Arizona focus on interpretative programs for people of all ages. Her main focus is mainly with children. Her work with neighborhoods on urban street tree planting plans that involved significant engagement activities to gain support. She is the focal point for gathering community together to help improve and grow the bonds between community leadership and the general populous of those communities.

Patrick Kenny


Patrick serves as the technical liaison for the team. His skills in both Web design help dblTidle Collaborative gain a much needed foothold in the online community. Patrick also holds an undergraduate degree from The Universities of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity. His unique talents and skill set enable the team to develop dynamic content while enabling users to learn about the services we offer and help build an online presence for the company.

On-call Collaborators

Eric Brenner

Strategic Advisor

Eric Brenner recently stepped down after five years as the chair of the Maryland Bike/Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Over the course of his career he has worked for six governors in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, serving both political parties. He was the founding director of the Maryland Governor’s Grants Office, which was recognized as a “best practice” by the National Governors Association. Prior to that his work focused on the creation and implementation of public policy in human services, health care, community revitalization, budgeting, energy, corrections, transportation, and financial services regulation. Brenner previously served as the director of executive management for the Council of Governors’ Policy Advisors and as deputy insurance commissioner for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Eric's biking travels include an around-the-world trip with his wife, Gail Melson, in 1986-87, the 2015 inaugural ride of the September 11 National Memorial Trail from the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, PA to New York City, and a 23 day ride of the full 9/11 Trail in 2018.

He holds a BA from Duke University, LLM from Hull University in England, and an MPA from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Christine Lee


Christine Lee is from the University of Minnesota and holds almost a decade of experience working on environmental and sustainability issues. She combines her communications strategy, branding principles, persuasion theories, and content marketing with the team to create and implement effective communications plans that reach the right audiences at the right time. She also holds an undergraduate degree in environmental science and has a devoted passion about the connections between active transit and climate. She hopes to bring these two skill sets into the arena and help the team as a whole.

Laura Krull

GIS and Data Analyst

As a transportation planner and urban analyst, Laura is interested in how planners and cities can better use urban information systems, technology and analytics to create more livable communities. Laura believes transportation is a foundation for equity and wants to work on new ways to improve transportation systems to increase livability and access in cities, as well as improving how data-driven decision making is used..