Community Conversations about Transportation


Share the Road by Sharing the Room

Find a time and place to hold a conversation with others in your community about different modes of travel.

Too often, we talk within our modes, complaining about the 'other modes.' Understanding comes from talking and sharing experiences, resulting in enhanced safety and comfort for all.

Plan on about 60 minutes, including time for participants to complete some information about their typical day and perceptions and experiences when travelling. The conversation facilitator should help people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts without acrimony.

See below for a suggested agenda or download the document to the left for a more complete guide with participant forms.

Laying a foundation for the conversations: Participant information

  • Participants diagram or talk through how they travel on a typical day

  • Participants complete questionnaire of their typical day and perceptions and experiences of travel when walking, bicycling, or driving (including riding in a car)

Small circle conversations: Facilitator-led groups of 6 to 8 people representing varying ages and primary travel modes

  • Review completed questionnaires on travel on a typical day and perceptions

  • Identify areas of concern for each

  • Discussion questions

- What would be needed for you to feel more comfortable?

- Are there infrastructure elements you see that you aren’t sure how to use or what they mean?

  • Moving forward

- Generate ideas for helping all feel comfortable and safe

- Relate the ideas to specific actions or materials that would be useful

Thank you and wrap-up

For more formal and structured conversations, the free AARP Roadmap to Livability: Community Listening Session Tool Kit includes step-by-step instructions and worksheets for hosting such discussions.